Q. Does an ECU remap invalidate my manufacturers warrenty?

This is a point of some contention, generally it is perceived that for a manufacturer to cancel a warranty due to someone having after-market services or parts added to their vehicle is an anti competitive practice and therefore against European laws.

However if it is stated in your documentation that remapping your ECU will invalidate the warranty, then it will probably do so.

Unlike many other remapping companies we only carry out custom chip remaps which are tested and tuned to suit your vehicle and your needs, we naturally only modify the vehicle to within the safety limits of the vehicle and its components and certainly will not push your vehicle beyond those limits.

The European law states that a manufacturer cannot cite after-market services or parts to void a warranty or reject a warranty claim. The manufacturer need to prove that the service or part is the direct cause of the failure and the Burdon of proof rests with them.